As the only Muslim member in the team, during Ramadan it can be difficult to manage work & meetings the same as you normally would during Ramadan.

I sent a stock message to colleagues to give them an idea on the ways they can support me.

To my fellow Muslims out there you can use this template and adjust it to your liking so you can help inform your colleagues on how to best support you:


From 23rd Mar to 21st April, I’ll be fasting for Ramadan, which involves not eating or drinking (not, even water) from before sunrise to sunset; approximately 14 hours a day.

I’d appreciate your understanding and support during this spiritual month.

You can support me by:

[adjust the below to your liking]

• Be mindful that my energy levels will be lower during this month
• Be considerate when eating and drinking in front of me
• Only invite me to meetings where I’m needed
• Hold meetings earlier in the day and minimise their duration
• Avoid meetings during prayer times

[link to your local prayer times, and put them in your work diary]

See the attached on how you can support colleagues who are fasting and for further guidance. (This is where I have attached a Ramadan guide

Happy to answer any questions

How do you handle Ramadan in the workplace?

Ramadan Kareem
Farzana Chowdhury

Farzana Chowdhury

Inclusion, diversity and change specialist
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